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What Makes Us Different?

“ Morgan was helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. He answered all of our many questions with intelligence, thoughtfulness, and good humor. ”
—Ginger D., Roslindale

1. Our Reports

Following your home inspection you will be presented with a comprehensive report, including photos of the property with arrows indicating areas of note and/or concern and a general summary.

We’re known for the readability and the level of detail that characterize our reports. We never lose sight of the reason you hired us: to gain a thorough and clear understanding of the property before you enter into your purchase and sale agreement. Your relationship to MKC Associates Home Inspection does not end at the inspection; any questions about your report are welcome at any time.

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2. Our Accessibility and Speed

“ I truly appreciate how thorough you were. Thank you also for getting the report to us so quickly!”
—Jenna N., Dracut

We are thorough, detailed, professional, and intelligent. We plan our inspections around your needs and we are service oriented; your inspector will be available for questions before, during, and after the inspection process. It is important to us that you understand and know the house you are buying.

We are available for inspections and follow-up seven days a week, and we're always just a phone call away. We inspect according to the most comprehensive and complete standards of practice in the industry, those of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), and of course we also conform to Massachusetts regulations for Home Inspectors (266 CMR).

3. Our Personal Service, Care, and Attention

“ I've used other Home Inspectors in the past, but boy, how different was working with Morgan.
So professional, detailed, and reasonably priced. ”
—Lana R., Lynn, MA

“ Thank you so much for your thoroughness and professionalism.”
—Mike D., Brighton

As a small business, MKC Associates Home Inspection offers you a unique combination of expertise, personalized service, and thorough detail-- all at a very competitive price (we’re very competitive with much larger home inspection companies). We never overbook (you will have our undivided attention), and you can be sure that you will not get lost or be shuffled between inspectors; at MKC Associates, you will know your inspector and your inspector will know you (and your property).

As inspectors and also as parents ourselves, our inspectors know how vital safety is. Inspecting for safety is paramount to us.

4. Dedication

In the real estate transaction process, we are one of the only people with no vested interest in the sale of the property. We work for you only.

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