What MKC Home Inspectors Look For

What We Inspect

We systematically and thoroughly examine the property. We look for defects and deterioration to the components and systems of the building, and for non-standard building practices. Typically we begin with the exterior and go through a pre-formulated procedure that ensures every component and system of the property is carefully examined. Following the inspection (within 48 hours) you will receive a detailed and comprehensive report with pictures illustrating various items, repair/replace needs, and/or other defects observed in the course of the inspection.

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The main systems and components we examine are:


Roof system, roof penetrations, chimney, wall cladding, windows, doors, eaves, trim, decks, porches, and entryways.


Foundation (exterior and interior), structural framing (beams, columns, girders and trusses), floor, wall, ceiling and roof framing.

Heating/Air conditioning

Furnace systems, Boiler systems, HVAC systems, Ducts, vents, tanks, fuel supply systems, and Main fuel shutoff.


Supply and waste piping, main supply shutoff, drains, traps and vent piping.


Service entrance cable, meter area, grounding, Main disconnect, main and sub panels, GFCI breakers and receptacles, AFCI breakers, receptacles, switches, and exposed branch wiring.


Walls, floors and ceilings, trim, windows and doors. Other cabinetry, all other interior components.


Dishwasher, oven, range, other miscellaneous permanently installed appliances and components. We do not test Microwaves, Laundry machines, dryers, in-window air conditioners and other temporary or non-permanent units.

More Information

For a complete listing of items we do inspect as well as other exclusions, please see the Massachusetts 266 CMR regulations for Home Inspectors visit https://www.mass.gov/regulations/266-CMR-6-standards-of-practice.